A kiddie-friendly mall in Stellenbosch

I love shopping at Stellenbosch Square… There is always parking available near the entrances so you don’t need to fight students for a parking space like in the town center. On rainy days you can park under the roof for free. Under roof parking is a must for me because we all know how difficult it is to get the pram out of the car’s boot, loosen the car seat in which your baby has fallen asleep in and then try to wiggle the car seat in its place on the pram – all while its pouring cats and dogs like it so often does in Winter in Stellenbosch.

The Square has an open-plan, one floor layout (no stairs and lifts) which makes it easier with the kids in tow. And when they tire of the shopping you can stop for a breather at the kiddie friendly Mugg&Bean with its handy play area.

Why Stellenbosch Square is kid-friendly?

  • under roof parking
  • one-floor layout
  • Mugg&Bean with play area in the middle of the mall
  • changing room where you can also nurse if need be


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