Q: I visited a venue that you posted about and some things have changed and are not as you described?

A: We tend to visit the places I blog about a lot and I regularly update the posts on a specific venue. You will usually see a date when I’ve last updated a post, BUT if you find something new at a venue, like for example, they have taken away a jungle gym or they have added a kiddies splash pool, please leave a comment just below the post. You can comment anonymously if you like. The other readers of the blog and myself will be so grateful for your comments.

Q: I want to advertise my business/ venue on TheStellenboschMom, how do I do that?

A: Send us an email at info@thestellenboschmom.co.za and we will send you our rate card with information on advertising and the costs involved.

Q: Why don’t you critique the bad service/ food of a venue?

A: I only blog about places that you can visit with your kids. I am not a trained chef/ food connoisseur and definitely not a food critic (you can be thankful for that). I suggest you try websites like TripAdvisor for reviews about service/ food quality.

Q: Do the venues pay you to blog about them?

A: Haha, I wish! No, I simply post about venues that I visit with my family. We sometimes drive around and stumble upon new spots by pure chance. If you have a venue and I haven’t blogged about it, feel free to invite me for coffee.

Q: I want to make my venue child-friendly or improve it to make it even more child-friendly. Do you do consultations?

A: I do get a lot of invites from venues that want to go down the kiddie-friendly route or that want to know more about the desires of their target market. Although I love meeting new people, due to the huge amount of interest, I simply do not have the time to meet with everyone. If you are serious, however, about this then we can meet up for a consultation session at a charge. I avidly follow the stats of the blog and feel that I work pretty hard to gather info on the target market and I cannot hand out this information for free. Plus I actually spend money on gathering data/ running the website. So, yes, I’d love to consult (and provide you with a checklist on how to make your venue kiddie-friendly with the list being included in the consultation fee). Alternatively, you can purchase the checklist through the website.