Life is a joyride at Bugz family playpark

pulley ride

I was stoked when our family got invited to Bugz Family Playpark at the beginning of this year.  Bugz is one of the best kept secrets in kids (+family) entertainment in the Western Cape and I have long been wanting… Continue Reading

Wakaberry healthy fun for the kids


We just got back from vacation at the beginning of January and Stellenbosch was quiet. Extremely quiet. No students whatsoever. Only a couple of residents who came back from holiday early (or maybe never left Stellenbosch at all). Some tourists… Continue Reading

A jungle gym inside and outside at Skilpadvlei

20150829_161726 (Custom)

Skilpadvlei is a cozy family-friendly restaurant thanks to their hearty food and roaring fireplace in the winter.  It was by pure chance that we ended up at Skilpadvlei the first time which was on a very wet winter’s evening last… Continue Reading

Take the kids to Le Pommier in winter and summer

le pommier

Nestled between Tokara and the entrance to Zorgvliet you will find Le Pommier on the Helshoogte Pass. This is one venue that you can visit in both winter and summer time. During the warmer months children can play outside on… Continue Reading